Environmental Report

Message from the President

I am Kaoru Tanigawa, President.
I would like to make a comment on the Company's environmental activities.
With the globalization of corporate activities and the development of IT technology, contacts between society and corporations have been becoming more diverse.

In addition, with the worsening of the global environment, individuals, families, corporations, and communities that live or operate on this planet are required to aggressively address environmental issues at the level expected of each of them.
As part of the Company rules called "Our Beliefs," we have set agendas including "Pioneering spirit as fostered by our predecessors and creative imagination and ingenuity," "Attending to business as a member of the organization abiding by company rules," and "Promoting a sound and flourishing business which fulfils its responsibilities toward the welfare of society."

We also consider environmental initiatives to be among the social responsibilities of a corporation and make sincere efforts in this area with creative imagination and ingenuity.
Concretely speaking, we have established an environment management system based on ISO 14001 and are promoting environmental activities. In addition to placing strict controls on the maintenance of the environment surrounding our office in order to slow resource depletion and prevent environmental pollution, by utilizing our functions as a trade firm, we are also focusing on the expansion of businesses that contribute to the maintenance and improvement of the environment. We will continue to utilize our unique characteristics to implement sincere, aggressive initiatives with regard to environmental issues.
This is our Environmental Report. We appreciate your understanding of some of our environmental activities.

June, 2017
Kaoru Tanigawa

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