Our Approach to Sustainability

Our Approach to Sustainability

The Kanematsu Group has codified the entrepreneurial spirit of Kanematsu's founder, Fusajiro Kanematsu, in its Corporate Principle. We engage in business in Japan and around the globe based on our mission of contributing to international society and economic development.

 The challenges facing international society today, such as climate change and other increasingly serious social and environmental problems, are growing more diverse and complex. We believe that carrying out corporate activities proactively, with an awareness of these challenges and a sense of mission, serves to both help address such challenges and promote the growth of the Kanematsu Group.
 With an eye toward cooperation and mutual development with our customers and business partners, we will continue to leverage the insight and know-how built up over Kanematsu's long history to provide goods and services with added value. Through these corporate activities, we aim to achieve the sustained development of the global environment, society, economy, and of the Kanematsu Group.

Message from the Sustainability Management Committee Chair

サステナビリティ推進委員会委員長 村松 陽一郎

Yoichiro Muramatsu
Executive Officer

When he founded Kanematsu, Fusajiro Kanematsu declared, "Let us sow and nurture the seeds of global prosperity." This urging to "Sow a seed now" and take action for the greater good reflected the common social mission shared by the people of Japan in the late nineteenth century, when Japan was striving to build a national economy. In the context of today, 130 years later, it is clear that this founding spirit has much in common with the principles underlying the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which have gained prominence in recent years. Indeed, a commitment to helping realize a more prosperous society and better future has been an essential component of Kanematsu's core heritage since its founding.

 The novel coronavirus pandemic has thrown into sharp relief the risks of a globalized society, including how quickly infectious disease can spread. In the post-corona world, or rather, the "new normal," where we live with the novel coronavirus, the issues of realizing a sustainable society and corporate business continuity are expected to draw increased focus.

The Kanematsu Group's medium-term vision, future 135, includes the goal of growth by pursuing scale expansion and the acquisition of added value through effective and judicious business investment, and we are advancing business activities accordingly. Going forward, as society rapidly transforms, we will pursue corporate activities with an increased awareness of the SDGs. In addition, we recognize addressing climate change as important to the realization of a sustainable society and are exploring ways of responding to the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

 To further advance sustainability management, in April 2020 we relaunched the CSR Committee as the Sustainability Management Committee. As interest in the SDGs and ESG issues increases, we will fulfill the role and responsibilities expected by our stakeholders, working to solve social issues and create value through our business activities as we aim for the sustainable growth of both the Company and society.

The Kanematsu Group's Value Creation Process

The Kanematsu Group is utilizing its capital in its corporate activities to provide new value to society and increase its enterprise value as it works to address its five key issues.

The Kanematsu Group's Value Creation Process

Engagement with Stakeholders

Engagement with Stakeholders
StakeholderWay of ThinkingMain Dialog Methods
Customers and Business Partners We endeavor to improve customer satisfaction and garner customer trust through providing socially useful products and services in fair trading. Integrated report, official website, central inquiry desk, quality control, and response in line with Kanematsu's Code of Conduct and CSR Action Guidelines for Supply Chains.
Shareholders and Investors We not only aim to strengthen stable earnings power and maintain sound financial standing, but also commit to disclose information in a timely and appropriate manner in order to keep a high level of transparency. Integrated report, official website, general meeting of shareholders, business report to shareholders and IR activities
Local Communities As good citizens, we are aware of the importance of social responsibility and strive to live close together with local communities and conduct social contribution activities. Employee volunteer activities, support for economics and other studies through the Kanematsu Foundation for the Research of Foreign Trade, support for sports played by people with disabilities and acceptance of company visits
Employees We provide an environment that ensures each employee in the Kanematsu Group can work comfortably and find a sense of fulfilment, in addition to developing human resources with a unique personality. n-house magazine, Kanematsu Group website, employee awareness survey, Hotline, dialog with labor unions, and seminars/training
Government and Administrations We not only comply with laws and regulations at home and abroad while fulfilling the obligation to pay taxes, but also propose and promote projects in coordination with governmental bodies and municipalities. Activities through industrial associations, etc. and participation in councils, committees, etc. of government and municipal offices
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