Foods & Grain

Foods Division and Grain, Oilseeds & Feedstuff Division supply goods and services relating to food for human consumption and for pets who live with humans, spanning everything from grain, agricultural products, meat and marine products, ingredients for desserts, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, frozen foods and processed foods, to feedstuff and fertilizer. Our philosophy is to “contribute to the dietary habits of people around the world and raise the quality of the lives of people in local communities through our efforts to provide safe and secure foods.

We are especially focused on "Asia's food market" whose economy is strongly growing along with its growing population. While making the most of Kanematsu Group's overall strength, we are commited to develop and strengthen a value-added food value-chain which is beyond just trading.

With our Food Safety Management System Office, we strive to ensure product traceability, stringent hygiene, and quality management to provide additional safety and security.


Group Companies

Foods & Grain

Kanematsu Shintoa Foods Corp. Food wholesaling and cold strage
Kanematsu Soytech Corp Sales of soybean, pulses & peas and grain, and development and marketing of products for food processors such as tofu
Kanematsu Agritec Co., Ltd. Manufacture and sales of feed and fertilizer
KAI Enterprises, Inc. Sales of hay and roughage
KG Agri Products, Inc. Seed development, contract farming, sorting, processing and sales of food soybean
Pet business dept., Shintoa Corp Import and distribution agency for pet products in Japan and abroad
Import/export of pets products/OEM supply
North Pet Co., Ltd. Manufacture of pet snacks (jerky, dried meat, biscuits)
PT. Kanemory Food Service Manufacture of processed foods; Management of central kitchen

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