Message from the President


Our Mission: Social Contribution through Business Creation

We base our corporate activities on the belief that contributing to society through business creation is the mission of a general trading company.

 Under the previous medium-term vision, VISION-130, we worked to maintain financial soundness and expand the earnings base by creating new businesses. As a result of these efforts, in fiscal 2018, the year ended March 31, 2018, we achieved the vision's earnings target a year ahead of schedule. We have now launched a new medium-term vision, future 135, for the six years beginning fiscal 2019. Under this vision, we aim to increase profit through the sustained growth of our core businesses as well as by increasing business scale and added value through business investment. While progressing with such investment, we will maintain a stable earnings structure that is resilient to shifts in commodity markets and the global economy and leverage our stable financial structure to maintain a healthy balance of equity and risk assets.

 We will put greater efforts into identifying and developing businesses centered on such cutting-edge technologies as AI and IoT. To this end, we are working hard to foster a corporate culture in which all employees can exercise their full ingenuity.

 As we approach a new stage, we will strive to create value unique to the Kanematsu Group

June, 2018
Kaoru Tanigawa
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