CSR through Our Business Activities

We are pursuing CSR through our business activities

CSR Procurement

CSR procurement means that a company procuring necessary materials, parts and products requires its suppliers not only to swiftly provide products of consistently high quality but also to make a CSR commitment. CSR procurement efforts are also growing in importance year by year as companies and the general public start to take notice of CSR.

We have established systems to promote CSR activities, including a CSR Action Guidelines for Supply Chains, to meet the CSR procurement requirements of its business partners.

The conditions surrounding CSR procurement touch on a wide variety of spheres, including employees, health and safety, environmental activities, CSR management and corporate ethics.

Example of CSR procurement

• Does the supplier conduct its business activities with due consideration to the environment?

• Does it conduct its business activities with due consideration to human rights? (Respecting bans on child labor and forced labor)

• What is its compliance record like?

• Does it meet the latest quality standards? (Usage restrictions on harmful substances not to exceed legal thresholds)

Flow of CSR Procurement


Environmental Business

Kanematsu contributes to the soundness and improvement of the global environment through business activities in Japan and overseas--purchase, marketing, etc.--that foster a better environment. We are also engaged in business activities that promote biodiversity.

Please refer to Environmental Business for details

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