Human Resource Measures

Human resources are a vital asset for Kanematsu, and retaining and training human resources is important for our future growth. We have various systems in place to ensure strong motivation among employees and a rewarding workplace for them.

Work-Life Balance

Kanematsu is proactively committed to ensuring a good work-life balance, with discouragement of long working hours, to foster a healthy workforce. We have been improving the working environment so that employees can treasure the time they spend with their families, as well as the time spent on hobbies and participating in social activities.。

Child Care Support

In addition to comprehensive maternity and childcare leave arrangements, we allow mothers to work short hours and flexitime after taking leave for pregnancy or care reasons, so they can continue to care for growing children after rejoining the workforce.
Many mothers take childcare leave, and when they return to work, basically they go to the same divisions in which they worked before. These measures have been taken to create a pleasant working environment.

Number of employees taking childcare leave

10 9 3 4 14 10 7* 9

*Includes two male employees

Family Care Support

In addition to the conventional family care leave system, Kanematsu has recently enabled special paid holidays for family care. We also have in place a child-raising and care consultation offi ce for one-to-one consultation on these matters.

Refreshment Day

By urging employees across Kanematsu to do no overtime on Wednesdays, we aim to improve working efficiency and encourage a better work-life balance. We have also set aside one day every month as a special "Refreshment Day" during which we monitor hours worked, to bring down overtime.

General Employer Action Plan

In December 2010, Kanematsu was awarded the "Kurumin" certification of support for nurturing of the next generation, by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare's Tokyo Labor Bureau.
In October 2013, the CompanyKanematsu formulated its third General Employer Action Plan. Based on the plan, we are taking measures to fully harness employee potential, by encouraging a better balance between work and childcare duties, and by creating a more pleasant workplace for all. We plan to establish our fourth General Employer Action Plan in October 2016.

Bronze Week

On April 1, 2016, Kanematsu introduced a new "Bronze Week" system for systematically encouraging the use of annual paid vacation days. This is intended to make it easier for employees to take off the time they are entitled to, improve work-life balance, and create workplaces that are comfortable and rewarding. In its fi rst year, the system raised the rate of annual vacation days used from around 60% to 65.6%.

Action Plan to Help Women Excel

In line with its efforts to raise its enterprise value, Kanematsu aims to utilize diverse human resources, allocating them where they can be most effective and allowing individuals to make the most of their abilities. To help women excel in the Company, we have formulated the action plan outlined below.

Female career-track employees*1 49 51 55 54 56
Responsibility band 3*2 11 12 18 17 20

*1 Work location is determined according to the Company's needs and not restricted to any specifi c area. These employees eventually move into core operations.
*2 Equivalent in level to assistant section manager.

Human Resource Initiatives

Human resources are a vital asset for Kanematsu, and retaining and training human resources is important for the Company's growth. Kanematsu maintains systems to promote work-life balance, including child care support and family care support systems, seeking to create workplaces that are comfortable and rewarding for employees. Furthermore, we focus considerable effort on human resource development, an indispensable part of Kanematsu's growth.

Training in Business Plan Formulation

Kanematsu aims to improve corporate value by deepening its core competencies, making new investments in business creation and taking on other new challenges. The specific aim is to create new businesses from existing businesses. We have created these planning courses for the purpose of imparting the skills necessary for drafting new business plans.

Overseas Dispatch Training System

Kanematsu operates an overseas training system for employees in their first five years with the Company. Participants are dispatched to overseas subsidiaries, representative offices, and business corporations to experience local work- and lifestyles for around six months. This system exposes employees to diverse values and provides the experiences, insights, and knowledge that members of a globally operating trading company need.

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