Environmental Policy

In keeping with Kanematsu's Code of Conduct, the Company defines the following Environmental Policy.

1. Basic management policy for the environment

We conduct corporate activities with sufficient consideration given to maintaining a healthy global environment and aim for sustainable development.

2. Compliance with environment-related laws and regulations

In the activities of the Company, we comply with environment-related laws and regulations in Japan and abroad, as well as international rules and practices.

3. Constant improvement of system

In order to make environmental activities more effective, we constantly improve our environment management system.

4. Attention to the development of a low-carbon society/recycling-oriented society

Aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we promote energy conservation and make climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts. We strive to realize sustainable patterns of resource use and to address natural resource depletion by proactively engaging in energy conservation, reduction of waste and reuse and recycling of resources.

5. Attention to the environment in business activities

We strive for environmental conservation and the prevention of environmental pollution and consider biodiversity and the conservation of natural ecosystems in our business activities.

6. Establishment of the environmental management system of the Group

We utilize the ISO 14001 environmental management system to establish an environmental management system for the Company and the Group, responding appropriately to environmental issues and working constantly on improvements.

7. Publicity and disclosure of environmental policies

We ensure that our executives, employees, and companies in the Group are well aware of our environmental policies, and we also disclose them to the general public through our website and the like.

October, 2017
Kaoru Tanigawa

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