Environmental Objectives & Targets

Results of 2017

The Company has been promoting the environmental management system based on the use of ISO14001 as one of the most mportant issue. Various measures are implemented to reduce the load on the environment in the office.

Objectives & Targets Items

ThemeEnvironmental ObjectSummary of Environmental Target in FY2018

Reduction of greenhouse gas and establishment of a low carbon society and recycling-oriented society

Action for resource saving and resource depletion

Promotion of environmentally friendly products and business in sales activities On the basis of the business plan of FY2018 that clarifies the target and measures, the Company aim to expand handling volume of environmentally friendly products and the market.
Promotion of environmentally friendly office facilities and operations

・Change over office facilities to promote power consumption reduction.
・Promote computerization of internal documents to promote paper consumption reduction.
・Make efforts to reduce work hours of the employees through the workstyle reform (*), expecting power consumption to be reduced.

Environmental education and environment information enhancement, etc.

・To solve problems regarding society and environmental issues, aim to develop human resources who autonomously act through domestic and overseas business activities.
・Consider introduction of a new environment information management system to enhance environment information and efficiently use it for energy saving, etc.

(*) According to Kanematsu Corporation's Main Action Plan for General Business - Next-generation Development Support Plan-.

Maintenance Items

ThemeSummary of Environmental Management Method in FY2018
Thorough attention to environmental considerations in business and products Management supervision and sales guidance by the Food Safety Management Office Through management by compliance sheet covering lows and regulations, traceability management, corresponding of Positive List system and JAS-certified organic food etc.
Thorough waste segregation ・Management of general waste The Company continues to maintenance "improvement of waste sorting and processing for recycling promotion" as a maintenance item. Centralize the manifest management for industrial waste generated through business operations outside of the office as well as industrial waste generated from within the office.
・Management of industrial waste
・Emission management of medical waste
Establishment of the environmental management system of group Monitoring of group companies Continuing the monitoring of the activity results for "establishment of environmental management system of Kanematsu Group Companies" as an environmental policy.

Concideration of the internal environment
- Promotion of 5S -

・Efficient use of office space

・Realize a safe, secure, and comfortable office to improve operational efficiency

Promote the 5S to create an office environment and improve operational efficiency.

Promotion of power consumption reduction

Monitor and manage power consumption in the office to reduce greenhouse gas and establish a low carbon society

Tally power consumption and paper consumption at the office and announce the results on our inhouse website every month to raise awareness of power and paper consumption reduction.

Maintain and manage the power consumption and paper consumption with the company-wide actual consumption result of 772,137kWh/m² or less for power and 6,000 thousand/year or less for paper as guidelines.

Promotion of paper consumption reduction

As a resource saving measure, monitor and manage the paper consumption in the office

Environmental considerations in the commissioned business Verify the compliance status related to hazardous materials transportation Send and collect a questionnaire about the compliance status and emergency actions to and from the commissioned companies for hazardous materials transportation and storage once a year for thorough management.
Others The Company facilities managemant etc.
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