Foods & Grain


As an industry pioneer and leading company, we have built an integrated business, from the import of raw materials to mixed feed production and sales.
With the establishment of a cost advantage through rigorous cost management, we have developed high value-added and differentiated products that meet customers’ needs. Additionally, we have established a supply system for a safe and secure feedstuff by integrated traceability management.

To meet the increasing move toward dairy mega farms, we have formed alliances with agricultural corporations, and through our own efforts we have created demand for mixed feed and feed crops.

Further, we are boosting development of affiliated plants overseas and promoting vertical integration of the feedstuff business.
In the future, getting a clear picture of customers’ needs quickly, we will continue to correspond to the structural changes of the food demand in the world.

Main products and services


  • Feed grain (Corn, Milo, Soybeans, etc.)
  • Plant protein meal (Soybean meal, Rapeseed meal, etc.)
  • Animal protein meal (Fish meal, etc.)
  • Other by-products
  • Dairy products for feeding (Skim milk, Whey powder)
  • Roughage (Baled hay, Beet pulp pellets, etc.)
  • Fish oil
  • Prebiotics (Laxel Force)
  • Fertilizer, Others

Main group companies

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