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The Kanematsu Group provides semiconductors manufactured by domestic and overseas manufacturers.
We handle a wide range of products from commodity components, such as power supply ICs, memory, and LCD panels to products using edge technologies, such as ASIC, high precision sensors, and CMOS image sensors.
We also make proposals for ideal solutions through the provision of electronics components and various modules mainly semiconductor products for extensive fields, including mobile devices, information household appliances, automotive applications, and industrial equipment.
Moreover, we also provide electronics manufacturing service (EMS) for board mounting and completed products, and IoT related solutions.

Business Features

Provision of semiconductors & electronics devices, development, design and manufacturing

Kanematsu Futuretech Solutions Corporation (KFT) has unique technological capabilites, in addition to the functions of a trading company utilizing the global network of the Kanematsu Group, and handles and provides services of various products in a wide range of business fields, mainly semiconductors and electronics devices, imaging, graphic and video, wireless communications, solutions, development, design and manufacturing, and semiconductor manufacturing.
Centered on the technology cultivated over many years, we will continue to create new value according to the generational changes.

Provision of electronics manufacturing service (EMS) in China

Kanekoh Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd . delivers high quality and reliable EMS in Shanghai, China through technical cooperation with partner companies in Japan and the trustworthiness of the Kanematsu Group.

Main products and services

Semiconductor and Electronic Devices Business

KFT has many years of experience handling semiconductors, electronics components and electronic modules related commercial materials, and offers a wide range of products from general-purpose ICs, ASICs, sensors, wireless communication, and LCD related products.
We provide electronic devices that are crucial to digital products based on flexible design-in activities and reliable technical support.

Imaging Business

Centered on the sales of CMOS image sensors and development of camera modules, KFT is also engaged in the semiconductor manufacturing business.
We have established a structure that can respond to the various needs of customers in the imaging business, by linking three businesses organically.

Graphics & Video Business

The demands in various fields are expanding from automotive applications to amusement. KFT provides ideal solutions to customers always looking at the trends of the market. We can offer solutions for device proposals, designs, and prototypes to mass production.

Wireless Communications Business

Taking advantage of experience in wireless technology over many years, KFT offers a lineup of wireless products from short-range to long-range, and provides products for various applications, such as IoT devices, automotive application, and industrial equipment.
We not only provide products for major domestic carriers, but also develop firmware, and provide design and development services to customers.

Solutions Business

Combining wireless technology with cloud services and Web systems, KFT provides total solutions for the promotion of IoT and digital transformation (DX). This supports the reduction of on-site working hours, improvement of operating efficiency, work-life balance, and continuous business growth.

Development, Design and Manufacturing Business

KFT supports the product development of customers, taking advantage of our abundant knowledge cultivated through semiconductors sales over many years and wireless technology essential for IT/IoT.
We can provide consistent services from prototypes to mass production, through the compilation of required specifications, development of hardware and software, parts purchasing, inspection processes establishment, and quality control system establishment.

Contract Manufacturing Service Business for Back-end Processes of Semiconductors

KFT provides contract manufacturing services for back-end processes of semiconductors, mainly for CMOS image sensors. We consistently manufacture products in the world’s highest level “Class 100” clean room.
We provide high quality products and also handle small lot production of various products. Utilizing our technology and experience over 30 years, we can also support inquiries for custom designs, and various testing and inspections.

Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) for Board Assembly in China

Kanekoh Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. provides EMS for board assembly, which requires investment in equipment, such as surface mount technology (SMT) lines.
We promptly provide support for various needs from design & development, material procurement, and prototypes to mass production.

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