Meat Products
Dept. No.3

Kanematsu procures reliable and safe pork products from prominent partners worldwide, mainly in Europe, North and South America, to meet a wide range of needs, which are sold to meat processors, retailers, restaurants, ready-made meal providers, and wholesalers. We aim to contribute to a stable supply of meat and the enrichment of people’s daily diets.

Business Features

Broad lineup of products

To meet changes in the external environment and our customers’ requests, we provide a large selection of products through transactions with reliable and experienced pork suppliers, according to firm partnerships in many production areas throughout Europe and North & South America. Our diverse networks and broad lineup of products enable us to propose the most suitable products for a range of clientele.

Abundant experience and knowledge with advanced expertise

We attentively support our customers by utilizing expert knowledge and know-how based on the experience we have acquired through our engagement in all phases of the supply chain—from the upstream to the downstream end, including overseas production , quality management, product development, procurement, logistics, and domestic distribution.

Stable supply and the advantage of scale

Backed by our stable business foundation of trusted relationships and partnerships built through our long-term experience in trade, we are one of the companies in the industry that has the highest trading volume of pork products. By leveraging the advantage of scale, we make a stable supply of products and transactions at reasonable prices.

Main products and services

Chilled pork

We sell very fresh and high-quality chilled pork, imported from Canada, the United States, and Mexico, mainly to retail businesses.
[Cuts of pork handled]
Belly, loin, butt, shoulder, ham, tenderloin, jowl, etc.

Frozen pork

We offer a wide selection of products for ham and sausage producers, food producers, and food service businesses. These products come from a diverse range of production areas, including Europe and North & South America, which meet high-quality and high-yield standards. [Cuts of pork handled] Belly, loin, butt, shoulder, ham, tenderloin, jowl, etc.

Iberico pork

We sell Iberico pork, which is popular owing to its distinctive taste, to retail businesses and food service businesses. The categories we offer include not only Cebo, but also Bellota, the highest-grade of Iberico pork.

Seasoned pork

We sell seasoned pork as a raw material for wieners, sausages, hamburger steaks, etc. Seasoned pork is obtained by mixing pepper into ground pork.

Pork fat (including back fat)

We sell pork fat products, such as back fat, shoulder fat, and cutting fat, mainly as raw materials for use in processing.

Variety meat

We also offer a wide selection of very fresh pork variety meat, such as tongue, tongue trimmings, outside skirt, and rectums.

Sliced & portion-cut products and meal kit items

We sell sliced and portion-cut products processed at our partner plants in Japan and overseas, and meal kit items for retail businesses.

Horse meat

We sell horse meat products, imported mainly from Argentina, to meat processors and restaurant businesses.

Alternative meat and plant-based meat

Having entered into a capital and business alliance with DAIZ, a startup that is responsible for developing and selling plant-based meat, Kanematsu Group is moving forward with initiatives to address the global protein crisis.

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