Energy Dept.

Kanematsu regards new business created by changes in environmental regulations as an opportunity, and is expanding the business that can provide added value utilizing Kanematsu's tanks at the Kokura base, in addition to the know-how and services cultivated through a customer-oriented approach.
In the renewable energy related business, we are expanding the transactions of the biomass fuel supply business, aiming for realization of a sustainable society.

Business Features

Reliable and stable supply

While utilizing the know how cultivated over many years based on a customer-oriented approach, we will continue to contribute to the stable supply of energy that is trusted by customers, through the promotion of further improvement of the physical distribution function.

Product lineup

While cooperating with the overseas branches and group companies, we offer petroleum products for Japan, marine fuels for oceangoing vessels, and biomass fuels according to the various needs of customers.

Main products and services

Petroleum Products Supply Business for Customers

We have been performing fuel oil sales for customers, mainly in the area of Kanematsu's Kokura base. We also have been expanding the gasoline and kerosene trading business nation wide from Hokkaido to Kyushu

Marine Fuel Oil Supply Business for Oceangoing Vessels

We have been carrying out the bond bunker* supply business for the ports in Japan, mainly in the area of Kanematsu's Kokura base. We are also expanding the bond bunker business in the major ports around the world, mainly in Asia.

* Bond bunker: Refers to tax free fuel oil supplied as fuels for oceangoing vessels

Biomass Fuel Supply Business

Kanematsu imports palm kernel shells (PKS) and wood pellets mainly from Southeast Asia countries, and sells it to biomass power generation plants. In the future, we are aiming for the development and supply of new pellets according to the needs of customers.