Data, AI and SaaS

Kanematsu is a leader in the operation of a data trading marketplace for the purpose of data utilization, while also providing a wide range of SaaS-style services that can be easily introduced by our customers.
We work on a cross-sectional combination of advanced technologies and a broad customer base as a general trading company.

Business Features

Co-Creation with Business Partners

Through co-creation with our business partners, we commercialize ideas at an early stage.
By utilizing the business network of a general trading company, services and products can be deployed in a wide range of business areas. We aim to solve our customers’ issues and achieve business growth by promoting DX through SaaS.

Wide Product Lineup

We offer a wide range of products that include inventory controls, a POS cash register, mobile ordering, and a centralized e-commerce management system.
We can also link SaaS, to provide solutions as a one-stop package. We achieve the improvement of our customers’ satisfaction by making proposals tailored to their specific concerns.

Main products and services

Inventory Management Service ”KG ZAICO”

This inventory management application allows you to easily register, update, share, and check your inventory data on the cloud. This enables efficient inventory management at warehouses and multiple locations.

Tablet POS cash register “KG yubiregi”

This tablet POS cash register is designed to improve store sales. Accounting data is stored on the cloud, so the latest information can be checked anywhere. It has a wide range of options and can be used in small to large environments, with hundreds of products or more

Mobile Ordering System “FewTap”

The system enables customers to order and pay using their smartphones. It can be used for take-out ordering (To Go), in-store ordering, and sales of goods.

Turn Waiting Management Service ”KG matoca”

This system can manage turn-waiting in stores and other facilities. Customers can be automatically called via LINE, thereby eliminating long lines in stores. In-store monitors can also be used to guide customer movements more smoothly.

Call Management Service “KG yoboca”

A call notification can be sent to a customer’s smartphone, so they don’t have to wait inside the store. No call bells or other devices are needed, so customers can easily start to operate the service.

Web Ordering Centralized Management System ”KG NEXT ENGINE”

This system automates and streamlines a series of EC operations, such as ordering, inventories, and product management for multiple online stores. In addition, B2B ordering can be centrally managed.

Troubleshooting Application “KG Q NAVI“

This application enables quick matching with contractors, for troubleshooting in the event of problems with air conditioning, wet areas, electrical leaks, etc. By greatly simplifying the arrangements and the subsequent procedure in the event of an emergency problem, all
staff working in the store can continue to focus
on their primary duties.

Data Trading Marketplace Management

To contribute to the promotion of the digital transformation of Japanese companies, we aim to create a data distribution market that transcends the boundaries of industry, academia, and government.

Visual Inspection AI Service ”AIPENET”

This is an image inspection service that utilizes AI technology. We offer a standard version for appearance inspections, as well as a mobile version for visual inspections anywhere using a smartphone.

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