ICT Solution

ICT Solution

KANEMATSU ELECTRONICS LTD.(KEL) provides virtualization solutions and develops security businesses based on ICT (Information Communication Technology) by leveraging the strengths of a multi-vendor system.Through system consultations conducted on our corporate information system, we provide one-stop services ranging from designs and construction to implementation, maintenance, and operation.

The ICT Solution Division, led by Kanematsu Electronics Co., Ltd. (KEL), is dedicated to addressing customer needs through information systems and ICT infrastructure. The division provides services that extend beyond products to encompass comprehensive offerings in operations, maintenance, and cybersecurity resilience, all tailored to meet individual customer needs.
In response to the growing demand in the digital domain, the shortage of digital and cybersecurity talent has become a pressing concern, highlighting the necessity for human capital education and development. In addition to our internal initiatives, ICT Solution Division contributes to addressing societal challenges by accelerating reskilling and upskilling efforts across society.

Akira Watanabe

Executive Officer
COO, ICT Solution Division
President & CEO,
Kanematsu Electronics Ltd.

Business Features

Distinguished Customer Base

We work with customers in a wide range of industries and business categories, and have conducted a large number of business transactions, mainly with major domestic companies.

Multi-Vendor Support

We are certified at the highest partner level by major companies and have formed alliances with a wide range of vendors and system construction partners.

Technological Capabilities

We focus on securing talented engineers. In addition to establishing an organizational structure that can provide uniform technical services nationwide, we also work on the continuous improvement of our workplace environment with the aim of increasing productivity.

Main products and services

KEL Briefing Center

KANEMATSU ELECTRONICS LTD. (KEL) supports customers in formulating their IT strategies and roadmaps, by providing demonstrations of “an IT infrastructure and services that are one step ahead,” while incorporating the latest trends and technologies.

KEL Custom Cloud

KEL builds customized infrastructures to meet our customer requirements and provides it to them with fully managed services that include operation/maintenance/management.

KEL Managed Service

is the longest and most time-consuming part of the IT lifecycle. KEL Managed Service is an IT service group that relieves customers from this operation/maintenance burden. We support our customers with comprehensive and seamless services ranging from to .

KEL Zero Trust Security Solution

It is necessary for customers to be able to access their data and applications securely and directly – anytime, anywhere, and from any device. KEL Zero Trust Solution offers Zero Trust Architecture that not only provides the necessary security measures, but also convenience.

Infrastructure Solution

KEL has secured the technical capabilities to flexibly respond to rapid changes and technical innovations in the IT industry, while having a system in place that enables the design, verification, and implementation/construction of IT infrastructures by highly-skilled engineers.

Network Solution

KEL provides a high-quality, optimal network environment that meets our customer’s needs, allowing them to use it comfortably and with peace of mind.

DX Promotion Solution

There is a growing interest in digital transformation (DX) to establish a competitive advantage in business activities. KEL offers various solutions to accelerate the DX of a business.

By Industry/Operation

KEL provides IT infrastructure construction services to companies operating in various industries, including manufacturing, distribution, finance, services, education & public services, and the medical field.

Global solution

KEL has built an extensive global network throughout Europe, America, and Asia, and we work with four local offices and dozens of strategic partners to provide strong support for the overseas expansion of our customers.

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