Information Security Policy

Kanematsu Corporation, ("We") implement our Information Security Policy based on our "Corporate Principle" and "Kanematsu's Code of Conduct", and shall strive to properly manage information in order to protect personal and customer information, intellectual property, and other information assets.

Established on April 1, 2018

  1. Information Asset Management

    We shall establish an organizational structure of information security management, and properly manage information assets.

  2. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

    We shall comply with laws, regulations, and other social norms related to information security.

  3. Response to Information Security Incidents and Accidents

    We shall strive to prevent the occurrence of incidents and accidents related to information security. In the event that such incidents or accidents occur, we shall promptly determine the causes, and prevent the spread of impacts and their recurrence.

  4. Implementation of Education and Training

    We shall continuously conduct education and training necessary to ensure information security.

  5. Continuous Improvement

    We shall continuously review and improve our information security system.

Kanematsu Corporation
President Yoshiya Miyabe