Food, Grain
& Materials Dept.

Kanematsu is aiming to increase transactions, while pursuing the satisfaction of different customers and markets, with an emphasis on “safety, reliability, and a stable supply.” This department is chiefly engaged in business-to-business transactions, mainly of soybeans and processed soybean products as raw materials for foods. It also handles oilseeds as well as edible beans. In terms of the soybean food business, while focusing on imports and sales to Japan for many years, we have utilized, in addition to our own supply bases, diverse supply chains formed as part of our global network. In this way, we have provided customers with our advantageous initiatives, such as development of varieties, as value-added functions. These efforts have resulted in us gaining the highest share of the industry.

Business Features

Expertise and the industry’s highest share

In the soybean food business, we have continued to hold the highest share in the industry as a result of our long-term trading experience.
Our strength is the capability to provide proposals and support by accurately understanding the needs of customers and markets with our broad expertise.
In recent years, by leveraging this strength, we also have focused on processed soybean products.

Broad lineup of products (varieties) and sustainable initiatives

Our ability to handle a large number of varieties and to utilize our abundant experience and expertise enable us to contribute to the creation of better products by providing customers with the most suitable varieties according to their needs and processing suitability.
By using the diverse supply chains formed by our global network, as well as our own supply bases in the United States, we are able to respond to the various needs of customers more flexibly and promptly than any other company.
Furthermore, with the development of our own varieties and the provision of seeds, we are implementing sustainable initiatives with local farmers.

Main products and services

Food soybean business

At KG Agri Products Inc., our own production base located in Ohio in the United States, we are the only Japanese-affiliated company that handles soybeans for food materials certified by Identity Preserved Handling from corrected and sorted non-GMO soybeans.

Processed soybean products

We handle skimmed soybeans, soybean protein, and raw materials for plant-based foods.

Oilseed business

We handle non-GMO rapeseed, cottonseed, etc

Edible beans business

We handle edible beans, mainly red beans. Others include kidney beans, broad beans, peas, and chickpeas.

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