Corporate Principle

Corporate Principle

"Let us sow and nurture the seeds of global prosperity"

"Sow a seed now," and take action to benefit people around the globe, bade our founder, Fusajiro Kanematsu, setting standard of public duty that we at Kanematsu continue to uphold through a commitment to ethical business principles and corporate responsibility. The beliefs and philosophies that inspired Fusajiro Kanematsu in the late nineteenth century Meiji period, a time when Japan was striving to build national economy, were encapsulated in the document Our Beliefs: Kanematsu's Guiding Principles in 1967, on the occasion of our merger with The Gosho Company.

Our Beliefs

  • 1.Reflecting the pioneering spirit of our predecessors, we believe that fairness and justice should guide our business dealings and the wise use of creative imagination and ingenuity will bring prosperity.
  • 2.Our purpose as a Company is not only to build a sound and flourishing business, but to fulfill our responsibilities as a corporate citizen, contributing to society and the security and well-being prosperity.
  • 3.As members of a corporations, we act not as individuals but as representatives of that organizations and as such we are bound by Company rules and attendant loyalties and must work together with a spirit of cooperations while cultivating mutual understanding and respect for fellow members.

On August 15, 1889 (Meiji 22), when more than 90% of Japan's imports and exports were dominated by foreign firms, our founder Fusajiro Kanematsu had a strong belief that in order to enhance Japan's national strength, the trade rights for imports and exports must be brought back to the Japanese, and he launched a business for direct trade with Australia in Kobe, Japan. The aims of our founder, together with Our Beliefs that were established in 1967 based on the aims advocated by our founder, constitute Kanematsu's Corporate Principle.
Based on the Corporate Principle, we will continue to work proactively on the creation of business and fulfill our responsibility to society.

Kanematsu's Code of Conduct

Kanematsu's Code of Conduct is the standards set for Kanematsu's corporate activities under our Corporate Principle.

  • 1.Origin of corporate activities

    We are engaged in corporate activities to serve our various stakeholders by providing socially valuable goods and services in accordance with the aim of our Corporate Principle to realize a sustainable society.

  • 2.Fair transactions

    Our corporate activities are conducted in compliance with laws and ordinances in Japan and abroad, international rules and practices, and internal rules, as well as with social common sense.

  • 3.Information management & disclosure

    Information is properly managed to protect personal information, customer information and intellectual property, and is disclosed in a timely and proper manner to establish mutual trust between the Kanematsu and the community and maintain a high level of transparency.

  • 4.Respect for human rights

    We respect human rights and do not discriminate. Employee career development and capability development are actively supported. Diversity, personality and character are respected so as to create a dynamic corporate culture.

  • 5.Consideration of the global environment

    We exercise sufficient consideration in our corporate activities to maintain a sound global environment for sustainable growth.

  • 6.Social Contribution Activities

    We are aware of the importance of our social responsibility as good corporate citizens, and proactively undertake social contribution activities. Employee activities to contribute to community development and to comfortable and safe living are supported.