• Kanematsu video advertisement "My son's dream is the future"

    The main characters in the video are a young boy, whose parents work at Kanematsu, and his father. The story shows the boy learning about Kanematsu’s business through communication with his father and creating a new future. With the message, “Your dreams become the future,” the video conveys that Kanematsu is a unique business-creating trading company and that it has continued to pass on the spirit of creating shared value (CSV) since its establishment.

Paper/Magazine Advertisement

  • Shape the world, with Kanematsu.

    Does our work take on challenges?
    Does our work give us pride?
    Our work values team members.
    Does our work defy conventions?
    Does our work deliver excitement?
    Our work enriches the world.
    Can our work change the future?

  • Kanematsu's SDGs philosophy was born in 1889

    “Sow a seed now.”
    These were the words of the founder of Kanematsu, Fusajiro Kanematsu, who said, “Let us sow a seed to develop and enrich the economy and benefit the lives of people.” It expresses the aim of enriching and benefiting the lives of people around the world through business creation.
    Fusajiro Kanematsu aspired to resolve social issues and continuously create shared value for society through corporate business activities.
    This aspiration from the time of the company’s founding has been passed down to each and every employee as the DNA of Kanematsu.