KANEMATSU COMMUNICATIONS LTD. (KCS), as a major primary distributor of telecommunications carriers, utilizes our nationwide sales network to provide total services ranging from sales to management, operations, and the collection of mobile-related products.
In addition, we develop a wide range of services that go beyond telecommunications, including the planning and proposal of cloud systems and IoT devices, to provide valuable solutions for business operations.

Business Features

Mobile business

KCS operates approximately 350 (as of April 2023) docomo, au, SoftBank, and Y!mobile carrier shops nationwide.
In addition, we ensure the consistent operation of our own nationwide SIM activation centers, distribution centers, and kitting centers with a strong security ethos, as well as providing high-quality products and services to retailers.

Business for Corporations

KCS provides a variety of mobile-related services to support our customers’ business development, regardless of the industry or size. We will propose the optimal solutions, taking into account your business issues and what you want to realize.

Main products and services

Centralized Corporate Mobile Phone Managements with KCS Motion

KCS realizes the DX of corporate mobile phone management, operations, and payment. We support to improve your operational efficiency.

Remote Work Support

KCS proposes the optimization of IoT systems in manufacturing and construction sites, from the planning and verification, to the device installation, data analysis, and maintenance.

Work Shift Solutions

KCS provides a cloud service that optimizes work shifts and task creation, to eason labor management personnel.

Hands-Free IP Wireless Application

KCS offers a hands-free IP wireless application that allows up to 50 people to talk simultaneously with smartphones.

Metaverse/VR Solution

KCS plans and proposes business reforms and training systems utilizing Metaverse and VR, for companies in the age of the new normal.

BCP/Crisis Management Solutions

To address the VUCA age, KCS supports the establishment of safety confirmation systems, with prompt and accurate risk management measures to prepare for unpredictable threats.

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