Steel, Materials & Plant

Kanematsu employees with extensive technical knowledge are taking action towards the provision and development of environment-friendly and high value-added products and services in a wide range of fields, including plain steels and special steels overall, energy solutions, chemical products, industrial plants and infrastructure equipment, and marine vessels, etc.

The Steel, Materials & Plant Division develops project-forming businesses that contribute to regional economic development, beginning with infrastructure projects in various countries.
Accordingly, the division focuses on off-shore investment programs that support globalized production by Japanese manufacturers and concentrates the strengths of each Group company in order to propose new environmental and energy solutions.
We are developing high-value-added products with customers in areas that include environment-friendly items in the steel and chemical sectors as well as pharmaceuticals and health food ingredients that help counter the effects of Japan’s aging society.

Eiji Kan

Senior Managing Executive Officer
COO Steel, Materials & Plant

Key Businesses and Locations

Business Environment

Medium- to Long-Term Market Outlook


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Group companies


Kanematsu Trading Corp. Sales of steel and construction materials
Kyowa steel Co., Ltd Cutting and processing of steel sheet: Sales of construction materials
Eiwa Metal Co., Ltd. Processing and sales of stainless steel, titanium, and high-alloy steels
Kenkosya Co., Ltd. Construction, design, manufacturing, installation, and sales of steel joinery
South Korea
AJUSTEEL Co., Ltd. Steel processing and fabrication
ATAD Steel Structure Corp. Design, manufacture, transportation and install various steel structures
Steel Service Oilfield Tubular, Inc. Sales of steel materials for natural resource excavation
Benoit Premium Threading, LLC Steel tubing fabrication; Manufacture and sales of steel tubing-related parts


Kanematsu Petroleum Corp. Sales of petroleum products and LPG
Kanematsu Yuso Co., Ltd. Delivery and storage of petroleum products
Kanematsu Chemicals Corp. Domestic sales, import, and export of chemical products, pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical ingredients, and functional food materials
Kanematsu Wellness Corp. Sales of health foods and provision of medical information
Kanematsu Sustech Corporation Manufacture and sales of home-construction materials; Ground inspection services and improvement works; Installation and sales of security cameras