Foods Dept. No.1

Kanematsu controls its producer farms and the establishment of overseas joint venture plants, while maintaining sustainable supply of products, such as processed fruit, fruit juices for alcoholic beverages, specialty coffee beans, and confectionary and bread ingredients produced overseas, through comprehensive supply chain management.
It enables us to deliver high-quality and safe products to our customers. Furthermore, we have been pursuing a regional strategy of deploying services to benefit our customers, mainly in areas west of the Kansai region under the Osaka Office.

Business Features

Contributing to health and preservation of the global environment

Kanematsu assesses the environments of farms and plants around the world when selecting suppliers for its confectionary and bakery ingredients (dried fruit, nuts, and bee products), sesame seeds, superfoods, and luxury products, such as coffee (either raw beans or processed products), whiskey, and wine. While endeavoring to maintain stable supply systems, we are moving forward with the development of products—focusing on products that are delicious and beneficial to global environmental preservation, and can contribute to the quality enhancement of our customers’ products and the health of consumers.

Main products and services

Confectionary and bakery ingredients

Nuts, peanuts, dried fruits, bee products, etc.

Sesame seeds and superfoods

Sesame seeds (golden, white, black, and organic), chia seeds (white and black)


Coffee beans and extract, Instant Coffee as well as “COFFEE NETWORK”, a website that sells commercial-purpose specialty coffee beans to roasting businesses

Alcoholic beverages and concentrated fruit/vegetable juices

Wine, Whisky, Aging Barrel, concentrated fruit/vegetable juices, etc. (in bulk or bottles)

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