Corporate Officers

Board of Directors

*Messrs. Yuko Tahara, Kazuhiro Tanaka and Hiroyuki Sasa are Directors(Outside) as stipulated in Article 2 Item 15 of the Companies Act.

Audit & Supervisory Board Members

  • Audit & Supervisory Board Member (full-time)

    Motohisa Hirai

  • Audit & Supervisory Board Member (full-time)

    Yoshio Tajima

  • Audit & Supervisory Board Member

    Yusaku Kurahashi

  • Audit &; Supervisory Board Member

    Nobuko Inaba

*Messrs. Yusaku Kurahashi and Nobuko Inaba are Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Members as stipulated in Article 2 Item 16 of the Companies Act.

Executive Officers

  • President & CEO

    Yoshiya Miyabe

    Chief Officer, Growth Strategy

  • Senior Managing Executive Officer

    Toshihide Motoshita

    Chief Officer, Risk Management, Legal & Compliance

  • Senior Managing Executive Officer

    Eiji Kan

    COO, Steel, Materials & Plant
    Green Transformation Committee Chair
    General Manager, Osaka Branch; General Manager, Nagoya Branch

  • Managing Executive Officer

    Masahiro Harada

    COO, Electronics & Devices
    Digital Transformation Committee Chair

  • Senior Executive Officer

    Tetsuro Tsutano

    Chief Officer, Corporate Planning, IT Planning, Technologies and Business Collaboration
    Sustainability Management Committee Chair

  • Senior Executive Officer

    Ryoichi Kidokoro

    COO, Motor Vehicles & Aerospace
    General Manager, Motor Vehicles & Parts Department No.2

  • Senior Executive Officer

    Hiroshi Yamashina

    Chief Officer, Human Resources, General Affairs, Logistics & Insurance
    Human Capital Management Committee Chair

  • Executive Officer

    Osamu Iwata

    Chief Officer, Steel, Materials & Plant

  • Executive Officer

    Yoichiro Muramatsu

    President, Kanematsu GmbH
    President, Kanematsu Europe PLC
    General Manager, Milano Office; General Manager, The Representative of Kanematsu GmbH Budapest

  • Executive Officer

    Jun Nakajima

    COO, Grain, Oilseeds & Feedstuff

  • Executive Officer

    Toru Hashimoto

    COO, Meat Products
    General Manager, Meat Products Department No.2

  • Executive Officer

    Koichi Nishimura

    COO, Foods

  • Executive Officer

    Akihiko Fujita

    President, Kanematsu USA Inc.
    General Manager, Chicago Head Office

  • Executive Officer

    Kaori Kusuda

    Chief Officer, Internal Auditing Dept.
    General Manager, Internal Auditing Dept.

  • Executive Officer

    Shuji Masutani

    Chief Officer, Finance, Accounting, Business Accounting

  • Executive Officer

    Akira Watanabe

    COO, ICT Solution Division
    President & CEO, Kanematsu Electronics Ltd.