Kanematsu Group Sustainability

The Kanematsu Group has codified the entrepreneurial spirit of Kanematsu's founder, Fusajiro Kanematsu, in its Corporate Principle.
We engage in business in Japan and around the globe based on our mission of contributing to international society and economic development.

The challenges facing international society today, such as climate change and other increasingly serious social and environmental problems, are growing more diverse and complex. We believe that carrying out corporate activities proactively, with an awareness of these challenges and a sense of mission, serves to both help address such challenges and promote the growth of the Kanematsu Group.
With an eye toward cooperation and mutual development with our customers and business partners, we will continue to leverage the insight and know-how built up over Kanematsu's long history to provide goods and services with added value. Through these corporate activities, we aim to achieve the sustained development of the global environment, society, economy, and of the Kanematsu Group.