Meat Products
Dept. No.2

Backed by our advantages as the leading company in the meat product industry, Kanematsu is moving forward with efforts to construct value chains and enhance their functions to establish stable supply systems for reliable and safe high-value-added merchandise that meets the needs of our customers.
In the upstream, we pursue a diversification of our supply sources as well as the reinforcement of our relationships with suppliers through capital participation or business alliances with them.
In the midstream and downstream, we reinforce the functions of our businesses, such as sales, storage, logistics, and processing, by establishing alliances with group companies and partner companies.
In the Asian market, which is expected to grow even more rapidly, we have jointly established primary processing and sales companies for livestock meat with local partners to seize the demand for livestock products.

Business Features

Top-level share of the U.S. chilled beef market in Japan

We focus on handling U.S. chilled beef from National Beef, a U.S. beef processor. Our advanced expertise is beneficial in creating proposals about products with the sections and specifications that suit the needs of our customers.

Top market share of the Uruguayan beef market in Japan

After the ban on the import of Uruguayan beef was lifted again in 2019, we have steadily increased our market share of Uruguayan beef in Japan, and we currently hold the highest market share exceeding 50%. We are capable of stably supplying Uruguayan beef, whether it is chilled or frozen.

One and only intermediary between suppliers and users

The Kanematsu Group provides various functions in the upstream and downstream segments of the entire value chain, including the production, import, storage, processing, logistics, and sales of beef. As a result, we are capable of proposing and providing the optimal products and services to our customers.

Main products and services

Import and selling of North American beef and offal

We import and sell chilled and frozen beef sourced especially from National Beef for U.S. beef and from JBS Canada for Canadian beef. As chilled beef is one of our key strengths, we have the top-level shares of both the U.S. and the Canadian chilled beef market in Japan.

Import and selling of Oceanian, Uruguayan, and European beef and offal

We handle Oceanian (Aussie and NZ) and Uruguayan chilled beef, and when it comes to frozen beef, we are particularly strong at offals, such as tongue, outside skirt, and hanging tenders. Our current market share of the Uruguayan beef in Japan exceeds 50%.

Production and selling of processed beef products

We develop and outsource the production of processed products that suit the needs of our customers. Thus, by embracing our function as a “fabless” producer, we sell everything from uncooked to cooked and processed products.

Intermediary trading of beef (selling in overseas markets)

We sell beef produced in the United States, Uruguay, Australia, New Zealand, etc., to customers in China and Indonesia, among others. The items we sell include not only boxed beef, but also beef products processed by us or our contractors.

Export of wagyu beef produced in Japan (selling in overseas markets)

We export and sell A5- and A4-grade wagyu beef produced in Japan to customers in the United States and Europe.

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