Electronics Dept.

In Kanematsu printer business, we mainly handle commercial printers and consumables, and establish sales channels and service networks in Japan and overseas.
We are also expanding our business, including OEMs and ODMs in many countries. In the household goods business, we handle all battery related products and other daily-use products.

Business Features

Creation of business which meets various printing demands

Kanematsu has sold various commercial printers and consumables over many years, and has gained profound knowledge of the printer business. In response to customer needs, we offer solutions in combination with various functions, such as special printing mainly using thermal and ink jet printing technologies, data encoding after printing, and remote-control solutions for printers.

Various Types of Battery Business based on Dry-cell Battery

Including dry-cell batteries, we offer all battery related products, such as secondary batteries, portable power station, and solar panels, etc.

Main products and services

Label printer business

Kanematsu offers label printers including an ink jet dye-based printer with cutter and label applicators manufactured by overseas manufacturer, their related equipments, and various media related to such products in Japan and overseas.

Card printer business

Kanematsu offers ID card printers and consumables to overseas markets. The needs of customers for package sales including printers and peripheral equipment to software has been increasing in recent years. We have been making proposals for ideal solutions utilizing the knowledge gained in the ID card printer business for more than 30 years.

Photo printer business

Kanematsu offers commercial photo printers and consumables to overseas markets, and are also expanding our business including OEMs. We make proposals for solutions with extra functionality in addition to photos, as the photo printers handled by Kanematsu are also used to print passport photos overseas.

Battery Related Business

We handle various battery related products, such as storage batteries and next generation batteries including primary batteries and secondary batteries.

Network interface business

We have been performing development of drivers for each printer, and development and sales of application software over many years. Utilizing such experience, we have also been performing development and sales of middleware for controlling and managing printers, and software related to ID authentication.