In order to realize a sustainable society, carbon neutrality and circular economy are the important environmental aspects. While immediate action is necessary, companies are facing various problems, such as the extremely difficult tasks of selecting the best solution among the various options including new technology, as well as the additional costs to take action.
For such customers, with our knowhows based on the actual business experiences of the decarbonization solutions adopted by various companies, Kanematsu formed a business alliance with partner companies including Asuene, Inc., The Norinchukin Bank and Aozora Bank to support the viableand effective Green Transformation (GX), covering from calculation to reduction and visualization, that follow the latest trends required for the company. and eventually becomes an added value of the supply chain.

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Diversified solutions

Kanematsu handles solutions from various directions , such as renewable energy, energy-saving equipment, bio-materials, low carbon footprint foods, and recycling business, etc.
We launched a Green Transformation(GX) Committee internally, and GX Accelerators joined from each division including group companies as members to promote projects together. We can propose the best solutions for each customer’s issues based on the knowledge in our Kanematsu Group.


Forming a business alliance with Asuene, Inc. and Aozora Bank allows us to support the whole process as one-stop, starting with calculating the emissions as the first step of GX and including necessary financing and the whole corporate management support, following the latest trends of GX.
We also formed a business alliance with The Norinchukin Bank, together we can work on adding the value of GX for the agriculture and food fields, where rules and mechanisms of GHG emissions and reductions are not established entirely.
We, as a trading company who connects supply chains, are aiming for GX to be an added value of the supply chain.

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