Specialty Steel
Foreign Trade Dept.

Kanematsu has expanded its business transactions in growing markets, including the U.S., Europe, and Asia, where we center our business on symbiosis with the steel manufacturers and special steel manufacturers in Japan through the export and trilateral trading of special steel products, and business transactions of raw materials for steel.
We are aiming for further development of the markets and construction of high value-added business.

Business Features

Global Network

Kanematsu has expanded its business globally by assigning our staff to local offices around the world.
In order to respond to the various needs of customers, while handling a wide range of high-grade steel made by Japanese steel manufacturers and special steel* manufacturers, we also supply steel and special steel products made by overseas manufacturers.
* Special steel refers to alloy steel where a steel is alloyed with more than one element, except for carbon.
There are various types of alloy steels adjusted with alloying elements according to the requirements and application, because characteristics, such as hardness, strength, toughness, wear resistance, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance, change depending on the alloying elements.

Knowledgeable in various industries and products

Kanematsu deals with customers in various fields, such as leading automotive parts suppliers, high-end household appliance manufacturers, and major natural resources companies. We can offer special steel products according to extensive applications, not only core products.
Personnel experienced in business provides total coordination of the overall area of business, including marketing, sales activities, delivery, and payment collection.

Main products and services

Stainless Business

While worldwide stainless steel consumption continues to increase every year, nickel, the main component of stainless steel, is facing a critical shortage due to the increase in the demand of battery materials.
With the market being in such a condition, Kanematsu proposes suitable materials and cost reduction to customers, utilizing our knowledge gained over the many years of handling stainless steel.
We can make extensive proposals as we handle many types of metals with high corrosion resistance, not only stainless steel.

Titanium Business

In addition to the demands in the aircraft and space industries, applications and demands utilizing the characteristics of titanium, such as ecological compatibility, high-specific strength, and high corrosion resistance against sea water, are are also expanding in other fields.
Kanematsu is enhancing the sales promotion of titanium by utilizing the experience acquired in the long transaction history of stainless steel, the knowledge of EIWA Metal Co., Ltd. of the Kanematsu Group, which is a distributor of titanium, and the good relationships with global processors and dealers of titanium.

Wire Rod & Steel Bar Business

Kanematsu handles wire rods and steel bars mainly for automotive part applications. Various parts manufactured from wire rods and steel bars, such as valve springs, suspension springs, fasteners, gears, and bearings, are used in automobiles.
Kanematsu makes proposals for suitable materials according to the parts manufactured by customers and their quality, cost, and delivery (QCD) requirements. Overseas, we perform an inventory operation, precision cutting, and arrangement of contract manufacturing; therefore, we can provide exceptional services that contribute to the productivity improvement of customers.

Welding Consumables Business

In order for steel to be utilized for automobiles, marine vessels, buildings, etc., welding is necessary for joining steel to steel and assembling them to form a structure.
Kanematsu supplies high quality welding consumables to customers in many countries, utilizing our global network, which extends around the world.

Wire & Cold Drawn Steel Bar Business

When manufacturing components by cutting and cold forming, materials with strictly controlled tolerances, appearance, mechanical properties, etc. are required.
Kanematsu handles a wide range of materials that are treated with secondary processes, such as drawing, peeling, polishing, and heat treatment; therefore, we can make proposals for materials that satisfy the strict quality requirements of customers.