Meat Products
Dept. No. 1

Kanematsu imports poultry (chicken, turkey, and duck) and pre-cooked products mainly from Brazil, the United States, and Thailand before selling them to producers, mass merchandisers, restaurants, etc.

Business Features

Ensuring safety and selling reliability

We have formed strong partnerships and cooperation frameworks with overseas meat packers*, who help us to stably supply high-standard products that meet the diverse needs of domestic customers.
*meat packers: meat processing companies that handle the entire livestock supply process; that is, they raise, slaughter, dismember, process, and distribute the livestock.

Staff equipped with advanced expertise

Our commitment is to secure multiple raw-material supply sources by diversifying our suppliers, and ensure that all of the poultry and processed products delivered from us are high-standard products that can be guaranteed as safe and reliable.
A range of staff equipped with advanced expertise in all aspects of the supply chain—distribution, production, and supplied items—help us to fulfill this commitment. Our staff flexibly and promptly respond to requests from customers.

Main products and services

Poultry meat sales business

We sell poultry procured from Brazil, the United States, and Thailand to businesses of various types.

Processed food business

We sell pre-cooked or primary processed products of chicken, turkey, and duck, procured from overseas, to domestic distributors, such as mass merchandisers.

Intermediary trading business

We sell poultry procured from Brazil, the United States, etc., to Asian countries, such as China.

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