Machine Tools &
Industrial Machinery

KANEMATSU KGK Corp. (KGK), a Kanematsu Group company, provides the best solutions in the global market by integrating its business departments focused on machinery tools, industrial machinery, environmental security and the engineering functions that support them, as a “The multi-function machinery trading company flying toward the future with Kotozukuri (opportunity creation) by a global expansion.”

Business Features

Providing General Machinery-Related Services

KGK has continued to expand its business areas to align with the times, including ourmachinery tools, industrial
machinery, environmental and engineering functions, and provides various comprehensive machinery-
related services not only to the Japanese market, but also to global markets.

Extensive Lineup

KGK offers a wide product lineup, ranging from general machinery tools to cutting-edge equipment, superior machines, and unique machines from around the world that cannot be procured elsewhere in Japan.
We can respond to our customers’ various challenges with a wide range of solutions.

Main products and services

Machinery Tools

KGK has consistently provided machine tools for the electrical, mechanical, and automotive industries since 1963.
We have a vast product lineup, ranging from general machinery to the latest equipment, to respond to the various challenges our customers are facing.
We also actively support factory automation and IoT/DX initiatives.

Imported Machinery Tools and Equipment

KGK sells excellent machinery from Europe and other parts of the world, as well as unique machines that cannot be procured in Japan, to provide products that meet the needs of our customers.

Industrial Machinery

KGK is not just selling “things”, but always considers the user’s standpoint and perspective. By adding out engineering and know-how, we can provides the optimal machinery and systems to our customers.

Environment and Energy Business

In the field of solar and other renewable energies, KGK provides the optimal solutions and is contributing to the achievement of a decarbonized society by leveraging our strengths, such as our global network and our ability to collaborate with different engineering companies.
We are also actively working to disseminate our renewable energy & energy-saving equipment to developing countries, through the JCM (Joint Crediting Mechanism), a bilateral crediting system led by the Ministry of Environment of Japan, and have implemented projects in Thailand and Vietnam with a record maximum CO2 reduction effect of 52,000t/year.

Overseas Expansion Supporting Businesses

KGK makes full use of our group’s overseas bases to fully support our customers’ overseas expansions, and we strive to help them succeed in their relocation businesses.

New Business Developments

As countries around the world move toward the adoption of renewable energies with the goal of achieving “carbon neutral” societies, various companies are facing the challenge of management renewal centered on decarbonization.
All production equipment required new technological innovations in order to reduce CO2 emissions, as well as efficiency improvements such as automation, labor-savings, and process consolidation. Manufactured products are required to be optimized to be lightweight, compact, highly precise, and stronger, with new materials and new structures.
KGK creates and offers cutting edge and optimal goods delvidered to the production site quickly, when such manufacturing innovations are required.

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