Kanematsu Ventures

In a society where changes are accelerating every year, identifying promising startup companies and utilizing open innovation, which is to incorporate external knowledge and technology, is one of the extremely effective measures to quickly conform with the changes in society, and arrive at the correct answer unique to its own company in the shortest period.
In July 2018, Kanematsu Ventures, Inc. was established in Silicon Valley for the purpose of utilizing such measures to support the creation of new business worldwide with existing business partners and new partners.

Business Feature

Identifying startups and innovation hub

We function as an innovation hub, where we identify startup companies which create innovative technologies and services, and collect various information acquired during the process, and take responsibility for providing a network and supporting the creation of business.
We also play the role of coordinating three parties including startups, business partners, and the Kanematsu Group.

Global and various network

The following various networks of the Kanematsu Group, and the knowledge and information acquired from such networks can be used to create new business.
- Global networks of Venture Capital (VC), academia, research institutions and governments
- Excellent startup information which can be obtained from these networks
- Sharing of information through the Kanematsu Group
- Global and diversified business sectors and industrial information utilizing the features of Kanematsu as a trading company

Provides support in all phases from searching for technology to commercialization

  • We recognize that new business development is promoted in the following three phases, and provide exceptional support in all the phases.

  • 1. Search phase

    •  The acquisition of innovative startup information by a unique route
       , and search and investigation of technology based on requests from the Business team is performed in this phase.

  • 2. Translational phase

    •  In the translational phase, while the examination of the business plan and confirmation of the synergy is being promoted with the Business team
       , the startup company is supported in order to understand the culture and business practices peculiar to Japanese companies
       , so that examination of the commercialization will progress smoothly.

  • 3. Commercialization phase

    •  As a supporter of roles from investment to commercialization
       , support is provided in order to reduce friction with a startup company as much as possible
       , so that they can concentrate on realizing commercialization.

Business focus areas

A wide range of fields are covered in Japan and overseas through the global network.
Decarbonization related (Clean tech, Climate tech), Agri Tech, cyber security, new materials, aerospace related , automobile related, and food tech, etc. can be mentioned as the main domains.

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