Aspirations and Strengths

The spirit of creating shared value (CSV) lies at the core of our corporate activities, based on our founding purpose.

The strengths of the Kanematsu Group, which demonstrate its purpose in society, are summarized below. By further enhancing these strengths, we will not only achieve the goals of our current medium-term management plan, integration 1.0, but fulfill our very founding purpose.

Robust customer base
and know-how cultivated through business

Adapting to the changing roles required of trading companies over time, for more than 130 years, the Kanematsu Group has met the needs of its customers and society in cooperation with numerous partner companies.
The customer base, insight and know-how built up through this history is the Kanematsu Group’s foremost strength.

Stable financial base and revenue structure

The Kanematsu Group does not invest in fossil fuels, real estate, or financial businesses, and has a revenue structure that is not easily swayed by changes in commodities markets, financial markets, or world events. Since implementing business selection and concentration in the early 2000s, we have increased our equity, reduced interestbearing debt, and concentrated management resources, aiming to realize lean management. Through these efforts, we have built a stable financial base. Recently, the business outlook has been unclear, complicated by the pandemic and geopolitical factors, but, even amid this uncertainty, our financial performance has little downward volatility.
Going forward, we will continue to keep an eye on free cash flow and maintain a sound financial balance as we pursue efficient business investment.

Revenue ratio and Operating income ratio by segments

Management prioritizing capital efficiency

Under future 135, we are targeting ROE of 10%–12%.
Although we fell temporarily short of this range due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in fiscal 2022, the year ended March 2023, ROE recovered to 12.3%. We will continue to enhance the role that the Company plays through value creation to further improve ROE. In addition, to control ROE, we will advance management with an awareness of both return on invested capital (ROIC) and the cost of capital.

ROE(%) purogress

from FY2023

Human resources and investment policy to
advance business creation

  • Human Resource Development

    Seeking to leverage the innovation that comes from diversity to gain a competitive edge, the Kanematsu Group regards human resource strategy as one of the most important elements of management. In 2022, more than half of our new graduate hires were women, and the portion of these hires that are non-Japanese nationals is also rising. Furthermore, in addition to local hiring at overseas branches and Group companies, we are now utilizing mid-career hiring and diversity hiring, enabling us to better leverage the talent of the global Group as a whole.

  • Investment Policy

    Under “integration 1.0,” our strategy involves prioritizing growth investments in key areas, including DX/ICT solutions and other businesses where we hold competitive advantages. Specifically, our primary focus is on digitalization and cybersecurity measures to provide values to supply chains. Furthermore, we remain committed to actively investing in the innovation of advanced technologies and new business models, exemplified by sustainable materials and mobility solutions. Through fostering business innovation, enhancing value, and scaling collectively as a group, our objective is to elevate our corporate value and competitiveness.