Foods Dept. No.2

Kanematsu trades in processed fruit (frozen and canned), processed vegetables, and marine food (cephalopod, crustacean, and processed marine food), as well as cooked and processed foods.
We select the best production areas for different foods and instruct local plants on good production practices, thus providing our customers with products that are ensured to be high-quality and safe.

Business Features

Proposals of transactions integrally from beginning to end

Processed fruit: It is our policy to purchase fruit directly from suppliers and involve ourselves throughout the import and delivery process. We select and propose the best production areas and business partners around the world for our customers. Our know-how counts, when it comes to selling fruit for a wide range of uses, such as commercial frozen foods, raw materials to be processed, and raw fruit to be preserved in syrup.
Cooked and processed foods: We sell the Sekihan Okowa Kit (a kit for steamed glutinous rice with red beans) produced using a patented method, as well as processed products produced in China utilizing joint-venture plants. Although we are a trading company, one of our unique features is that we have our own food development experts, who develop products in our own test kitchens.

Proposals of well-selected agricultural and marine food from around the world

Processed fruit: As one of the trading companies that handle the highest volumes in the domestic market for processed fruit, we are particularly good at handling professional-use frozen fruit, aloe, and nata de coco that we have dealt with for many years. By having joint-venture plants in China and Thailand and trading well-selected processed fruit from around the world, we engage in quality management as well as imports and sales in the local area.

Raw and processed marine food: We offer comprehensive coordination—from overseas supplier management to the creation of proposals that meet the needs of domestic customers—as well as having the capability to deal with a wide range of products, from raw materials to highly processed items.

Main products and services

Retail frozen food business

Frozen fruit (pineapples, mangos, blueberries, etc.) and frozen vegetables (fried eggplants, okras, fried potatoes, etc.)

Cooked and processed food business

Sekihan Okowa Kit, eggs in oden (Japanese dish) , processed food produced in China, etc.

Processed fruit business

Frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, frozen mangos, frozen pineapples, frozen white peaches, frozen kiwis, aloe, nata de coco, apples preserved in syrup, etc.

Raw and processed marine food business

Raw shrimps, shrimps for sushi, shrimps for deep-fry, shrimps for cutlets, raw octopuses, etc.

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