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Bunker Business

Kanematsu’s bunker business is a long-established core business that began in 1955 as an offshore supply business on the North Sea. In Japan, an island nation, marine transportation plays a vital role and provides strong support to the daily lives of the Japanese people. We supply fuel oil (heavy oil/light diesel oil)/lubricant oil to marine vessels that play this valuable role in Japan and abroad.
We have built an overseas sales network with leading suppliers worldwide. We have an overseas representative in Singapore and are currently making a fine-tuned response to the supply for ever-increasing marine transportation. In addition, in cooperation with Kanematsu Petroleum Corporation, a company in the Kanematsu Group that sells oil to marine vessels for marine transportation in Japan, we supply fuel in Japan and abroad to meet the needs of our customers.
Kanematsu’s tanks for petroleum products support these activities. We have an 80,000-kiloliter tank in Kokura and a 60,000-kiloliter tank in Nagoya, which play a major role as a shipping base for our bunker business. If required, we import heavy oil for bunker fuel from Korea etc. We place priority on stable supply and have gained the trust of our customers.

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