Foods, Meat & Grain

Grain, Oilseeds & Feedstuff

The Grain, Oilseeds & Feedstuff Division supplies goods and services that are the basis for foods raging from grain and agricultural products including rice, wheat, soybeans, and corn, through agricultural processed foods, such as pasta, to feedstuff and fertilizer.

Our philosophy is to contribute to the development of the world’s agriculture, foods, and dietary life with our creativity and innovation as well as our traditional challenging spirit. Under this philosophy, we aim to contribute to the dietary habits of people around the world and raise the quality of the lives of people in local communities through our efforts to provide safe and secure foods. We are committed to creating a value-added value chain, especially in Asia’s food market, as its economy is growing strongly along with its rising population. Meanwhile, in the domestic market, we work to ensure our efforts to go beyond conventional trading and create added value through cultivating smart agriculture with ICT while promoting higher efficiency in the dairy farming and livestock industry. Furthermore, we strive to strengthen our food safety management system and provide our customers with additional safe and secure foods.

Masayuki Hamasaki
Managing Executive Officer
Chief Officer,
Grain, Oilseeds & Feedstuff Division

Meat Products

The Meat Products Division provides our customers with a wide range of livestock products in general, covering raw materials including live cattle, beef, pork, chicken, and mutton as well as livestock processed goods. We promote safe and secure, highly value-added products to meet our customer’s needs, combining our processing and logistics functions. We are also committed to our mission of maintaining a stable supply system of our products and making proactive efforts to diversify suppliers for overseas procurement, as well as to strengthen our partnership with overseas packers.

We aim to become the best company offering the best services and goods in the domestic industry. We are also committed to scaling out our ongoing business model in the Asian market that is our primary focus. Through creating and strengthening domestic and global value chains, we strive to expand our business.

Making the most of Kanematsu Group’s overall strength to provide safe and secure livestock products, we are committed to contributing to the dietary habits of people in Japan and Asia, as well as to raising the quality of the lives of people in local communities.

Toru Hashimoto
Executive Officer
Chief Officer,
Meat Products Division


The Foods Division focuses its sales on imported foodstuff for the restaurant, ready-made-meal, and retail markets. In the areas of processed fruits and prepared foods, we established a joint-venture plant at an early stage for sorting and processing, and built an integrated production management system covering everything from procurement to manufacturing. Through such efforts, we provide our customers with high-quality safe food products to meet their demands.

For food and beverages, such as confectionary ingredients, coffee, and wine, we inspect the farms and factory conditions of production areas throughout the world, and select business partners that meet our standards regarding the provision of high-quality products. For agricultural products, such as peanuts and sesame seeds, we have also developed new production areas (developing varieties, contract farming, and sorting and processing) to market differentiated products.

For ready-cooked foods, we have developed solution-type products including a rice ball with red beans, which we patented as “a method for producing rice balls with red beans,” and proposed the products developed by our own development team. Furthermore, we have set up overseas plants equipped with a central-kitchen function that enables a broad array of products to be produced simultaneously based on our experiences accumulated in the domestic food service market, while also focusing our efforts on the growth of the local-production-for-local-consumption business.

Koichi Nishimura
Executive Officer
Chief Officer,
Foods Division


Group Companies

Foods & Grain


Kanematsu Foods Corp. Food wholesaling and cold strage
Kanematsu Agritec Co., Ltd. Manufacture and sales of feed and fertilizer
Kanematsu Soytech Corp Sales of soybeans, pulses & peas, and grain; Development and marketing of tofu and other ingredients for processed foods
GPC Holdings Co., Ltd. Sales of pet food and other products
Ks' Meat Solution Co., Ltd. Primary processing of meat in Japan


Dalian Tiantianli Food Co., Ltd. Manufacture of dim sum and delicatessens
Shangdong Lufeng Foods Co., Ltd. Production of processed vegetables and fruits
Iwase-Esta Kanematsu Co., Ltd. Wholesale of confectionery and baking ingredients
Dalian Matsutomo Foods Co., Ltd. Primary processing of beef in China
Dalian Runsong Biological Feed Co., Ltd. Manufacture and sales of feedstuff (puffed soybeans, soybean meal)


Siam Aloe Vera (2005) Co., Ltd. Processing and sales of aloe vera


PT. Kanemory Food Service Manufacture of processed foods; Management of central kitchen


KAI Enterprises, Inc. Sales of hay and roughage
Sage Hill Northwest, Inc. Production of hay
KG Agri Products, Inc. Seed development; Contract farming; Sorting, processing and sales of food soybeans
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