Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Q1.

    When was Kanematsu established?

    Kanematsu was established when Fusajiro Kanematsu founded Fusajiro Kanematsu Shoten of Australian Trading in Kobe in 1889.
    Later, in 1918, the Company was reorganized to become Kanematsu Shoten Company, which resulted in the establishment of a stock company.
    Please see Brief History for details.

  2. Q2.

    When is Kanematsu's fiscal period?

    Kanematsu's fiscal period starts on April 1st and ends on March 31st of every year.

Stock Related

  1. Q1.

    Where are Kanematsu's shares listed?

    Kanematsu shares are listed on the Prime Market of Tokyo Stock Exchange.

  2. Q2.

    What is Kanematsu Corporation's securities code?

    The Company's securities code is 8020. Sector is "Wholesale Trade".

  3. Q3.

    How many shares make up one Kanematsu trading unit?

    One trading unit of Kanematsu shares is 100 shares.

  4. Q4.

    Where should I make contact for a range of procedures related to shares?

    Please contact securities companies or other organizations with which shareholders hold accounts.
    As for shareholders who have opened special accounts because they do not have accounts with securities companies or other organizations,
    please contact Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited, the account management institution for special accounts.

  5. Q5.

    Does Kanematsu have a Special Shareholder benefit Plan?

    Currently, Kanematsu does not have such a plan.

  6. Q6.

    What is the outlook for the share price in the future?

    Please understand that Kanematsu is unable to make definitive comments on the factors and outlook for price fluctuations of the Company's shares because the share price is affected not only by the Kanematsu Group's operating results, but also by the conditions of a variety of markets and other developments, both in Japan and overseas.
    Please confirm the latest share price with securities companies used by shareholders or on information sites, such as Yahoo! Finance.

  7. Q7.

    Who are Kanematsu's major shareholders?

    Please see Shareholders Information which mentioned principal shareholders status and shareholders composition rate etc.

Business Performance and Management Policy

  1. Q1.

    What is Kanematsu's medium-term business target and corporate strategy?

    Please refer to Medium-Term Management Plan 'integration 1.0' for details.

  2. Q2.

    I would like to obtain detailed information on Kanematsu's financial performance.

    Please refer to the Financial Highlight and Financial Summaries in IR Library.

  3. Q3.

    What is Kanematsu's dividend status?

    The Company regards the distribution of profits to shareholders as a critical management issue. It adopts a basic policy for dividends of taking into consideration factors such as operating results and the balance with appropriate internal reserves for future growth investments.
    Under the "Medium-Term Management Plan 'integration 1.0' " announced on March 26, 2024, the Company revised the dividend goal to 30%–35%. We will continue to aim for stable and continuous distributions.

    For the dividends in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2025, the Company plan to pay an interim dividend of ¥50.0 per share and a year-end dividend of ¥50.0 per share, bringing the annual dividend to ¥100.0 per share.


  1. Q1.

    I would like to request various documents such as the Financial Summary and Integrated Report.

    Please use the “Contact Us” form on the company website to request various documents. Such documents are also available as PDF files on the “IR Library” page of the company website.

  2. Q2.

    Are there any listed subsidiaries or affiliates?

    Currently, the following two companies are listed. (●:Subsidiary, ■:Affiliate, 【Sector】, Securities Code)
    ■GLOBAL SECURITY EXPERTS Inc. (Tokyo Stock Exchange:4417) 【Information & Communication】
    ■Hokushin Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Stock Exchange:7897) 【Other products】