Electronics & Devices

In Electronics & Devices Division, utilizing the know-how that we have accumulated through our extensive experience, we propose a value chain from the development stage to the supply of commercial products that meet the needs of our customers, aiming to build business with high added value.
For each product that we offer, we aim to be a world leader. Optimally shifting our resource focus to expanding markets in Asia, emerging countries, the U.S. and EU market, we accurately identify local needs and take steps to expand our base. In the meantime, to expand our business and improve our functions, we aim to form a capital and business alliances.
Based on the Kanematsu Group’s global purchasing power, selling power, and high added-value functions, we continue to contribute to economic growth around the world, including emerging countries.

Masahiro Harada
Senior Executive Officer
Chief Officer, Electronics & Devices Division


Overseas Network

In Electronics & Devices Division, we develop our business through the wide network shown below.


  • USA (Silicon Valley、Somerset, Detroit)



    • CHINA(Shanghai・Chongqing・Dalian・Shenzhen)

Group Companies

Electronics & Devices

Kanematsu Electronics Ltd. Design/Development of information system, management services, system consulting
IT system product, sales of software, rent/leasing, maintenance, development/manufacturing
Nippon Office System Ltd. Sale of personal computers, software, associated peripheral equipment, and network system of mainly under IBM brand
System integration service from planning and proposal of information system, to requirements definition, development/construction, and management
Kanematsu Sustech Corporation Manufacture and sales of home-construction materials; Ground inspection services and improvement works; Sales of security systems
Kanematsu Communications Ltd. Sale of mobile communication devices and associated devices
ASP service related to mobile phones
Kanematsu Granks, Corp Planning, construction, and management of websites. Planning, production, and sales of content
Sales representative of internet ads
Planning/development of social games
Kanematsu Futuretech Solutions Corporation -Import and Export/Storage/Sales of Semiconductors, Electronic Components, Modules, and Finished products
-Providing Electronics Manufacturing Services (OEM/ODM services and total Solutions)
-Marketing/Development/Designing/Production of IoT related devices/products
Kanematsu PWS Ltd. Development, Design, Manufacture, Sales and Maintenance service of Semiconductor, LCD manufacture and Testing Equipment,Sales and Marketing of Subsystem and Spare parts
Kanematsu Advanced Materials Corp. Import, export, storage, sales, processing and other operations in relation to materials and components for automotive equipment, electronic devices and communication equipment.
G-Printec Inc. Development of Card printer and related device, Manufacturing, Sales
Kanekoh Denshi (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Design and manufactore of Protection circuit board module for battery pack
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