Foods, Meat & Grain

Cooked and Processed Foods

Changing lifestyles are driving expanding demand for easy, delicious precooked foods. Using high-quality raw ingredients procured from around the world, our joint-venture and partner plants in and outside Japan provide safe, delicious cooked foods made from agricultural, marine, and meat products. Specialized development staff analyze market trends to constantly develop products that meet current needs and guide production at plants, striving to improve safety, reliability, and quality. Overseas, to meet expanding demand in Asian food markets, we are developing food processing and logistics businesses, including production at plants with central kitchen functions.

Main products and services

  • Cooked and processed foods for commercial use (agricultural, marine, and meat products)
  • Consumer frozen foods
  • Others

Main group companies

  • bloombergfinance
  • JPX日経400
  • JPX日経中小型
  • Shared Research Report