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Creating a Platform for the Food Services Sector in Indonesia


In the Republic of Indonesia, which will have a population of approximately 270 million people in 2019 (IMF forecast), middle-class Muslim consumers are growing rapidly according to increasing national income, and traditional Indonesian dietary habits are changing toward "foods to enjoy." In response to this change and diversity, businesses such as restaurants, convenience stores, supermarkets, fast food restaurants and cinema complexes are expanding, all of which are expected to address the demand for ready-to-eat Halal foods.

In 2012, we established PT. Kanemory Food Service(Kanemory), a joint venture company that run a central food production kitchen along with Cimory Group in Indonesia, in response to the growth of the food services sector in the Republic of Indonesia. It has been operating on a full-scale basis since April 2015.

Kanemory is a FSSC22000*1 and HAACP*2-compliant MUIS Halal*3-certified factory, produces Halal products for Muslims. The company can propose and develop new products according to customer needs, and also can concurrently manufacture and supply various products by central kitchen. The company has proceeded of product development mainly meat products, fast foods, deli and prepared foods corresponding to small lot to the food services sector, been expanding its business partners regardless of Japanese, European, American and local companies.

Kanematsu will focus on further developing the food services sector in Indonesia, making use of the human network it has been cultivating in Indonesia for many years and the expertise it has acquired, such as food processing know-how and product provision.

*1: FSSC22000 is a management system standard, based on the ISO22000, for the implementation of a higher level of food safety management

*2: HACCP is a method for the hygienic management of food throughout the process from the receipt of raw ingredients to production/shipment. It is an internationally recognized standard.
*2: The Halal certification system implemented by Majelis Ulama Indonesia, or the Islamic Council of Ulama of Indonesia, according to Islam.

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