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Jointly Funded Be Smile Project Co., Ltd., a "Sixth Industry" Entity

The business foundations of the Japanese livestock industry have long been weakening. Today, Kanematsu is advancing new initiatives to make the industry more competitive. In fiscal 2015, Kanematsu, together with Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Fund Corporation for Innovation, Value-chain and Expansion Japan, the Kamichiku group Company Kinko Farm Ltd, five other companies, and four financial institutions jointly funded the "sixth industry" entity Be Smile Project Co., Ltd. (BSP). With the aim of establishing a business model for supplying safe, reliable, high-value-added wagyu beef produced in Japan, BSP is building an integrated value chain that covers everything from the supply of breeding cattle and animal feedstuffs to fattening, processing, sales, restaurant operations, and exporting. Kanematsu's involvement spans a wide range of fields within this "sixth industry" business, including assisting at production sites using smart agriculture technologies, supplying optimal animal feedstuffs, providing support for the production of breeding cattle, and developing business overseas.
  BSP aims to expand its business model nationwide and open 200 restaurants within 10 years. At the same time, it is working to strengthen its competitiveness and considering exporting to establish a market and brand for wagyu beef overseas, including in predominantly Islamic countries. By creating new markets, we are providing support for dynamic livestock business.


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