Foods & Grain

Meat & Marine products

In the meat processing business, we have been diversify­ing raw materials sourcing geographically and have secured multiple raw material procurement sources, thereby reducing supply risks when an embargo is imposed due to a disease outbreak.
We have fortified our partnerships with overseas packers and created a stable supply system for high-level products that meet diverse customer needs in Japan..
In marine products, we have established cephalopoda, crustacean, and processed marine products (which are consumed raw, cooked, and used as flavoring) as our three core product areas. Centered on our processing facility in Vietnam, we have developed delicious and distinctive products by con­necting the production area with the dining table.

Main products and services

  • Meat products: (beef, pork, chicken, mutton/lamb, special poultry such as turkey and duck, horsemeat, etc.)
  • Marine products: cephalopod (octopus, squid, etc.), crustacean (shrimp, etc.), frozen fish, seafood ingredients for sushi, Others

Main group companies

  • bloombergfinance
  • JPX日経400
  • JPX日経中小型