Foods & Grain

Pet Products & Groceries

As an all-rounder in the pet business, we develop, import and sell private and store brand's pet food, snack and products not only for cats and dogs, but also birds, fish and small animals. We also provide domestic pet food manufacturers with pet products and raw materials.
Furthermore, we are globally expanding our business, including export­ing Japanese major pet food manufacturer's goods to Asia countries, tripartite trading, to name a few.

In collaboration with KADOKAWA CORPORATION, we publish a bimonthly lifestyle magazine for pets families: Wannyan Walker.

Wannyan Walker:

Main products and services

  • Pet food & snacks,
  • Pet products
  • Tropical fish
  • Raw ingredients for pet food & snacks
  • Products wholesaled to DIY stores (home improvement retailers)
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  • JPX日経中小型