Foods & Grain

Engages in Pet Food Production Business

In recent years, many owners treat their pets as family members and their demand for premium food is increased against a backdrop of heightened awareness of health issues for pets.
Under such situation, Kanematsu Corporation has established a wholly owned subsidiary to acquire North Pet Co., Ltd.(hereinafter, North Pet), which mainly products pet treats, and that operation have commenced from September 2014.

North Pet is a well-established pet-treat manufacturer in Hokkaido, and has wide site area and one of the best production facilities. In addition, North Pet has focused on the production of safe and secure pet food that uses fresh meat and seafood, as well as agricultural products produced locally in Hokkaido. These products are highly praised in terms of quality and palatability.

Kanematsu will establish an integrated management system in pet-related business, from the procurement of raw materials to production and sales, to build an organization that responds to diverse needs in Japan and abroad. By integrating the advantages of North Pet into the knowledge/experience that Kanematsu has accumulated, we aim to achieve further expansion and growth in our business.

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