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Seeking to enter the smart agriculture field

Helping Farmers Take on International Competition

 Seeking to enter the smart agriculture field, in 2015, Kanematsu and its subsidiary Kanematsu Agritec Co., Ltd. invested in Farmnote Co., Ltd. This rapidly growing start-up in the smart agriculture field has developed and provides the Farmnote cloud-based cattle herd management system for improving dairy and livestock productivity. The Farmnote system allows users to visualize farm management using a smart device with simple touch controls, facilitating effective management of factors essential to improving productivity, such as stock breeding, treating ailments, milking, and moving herds.
 The Kanematsu Group has long held a leading share of the market for dairy cow feed ingredients. We will use our sales networks in this area to promote sales of the Farmnote system and plan to support the overseas expansion of this knowhow being developed in Japan.


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