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Creating a Livestock Value Chain, A Processing Business Initiative

In order to propose and provide high value added products that are safe and secure while also meeting customers' needs, the Meat Department is promoting the creation and strengthening of its value chain. Upstream, we are involved with initiatives for the cattle fattening industry, while midstream to downstream, we strengthened the storage (refrigeration) and processing industries, and furthermore, we have been acquiring capital in sixth sector industrialization businesses and restaurant management companies. For the domestic processing industry, in addition to outsourcing businesses to existing partner companies, we have taken initiatives such as establishing a joint factory in Higashi Ogishima in Kawasaki City in 2019, to respond even better to the needs of our customers with our ability to plan and respond flexibly.

In the overseas markets we established a processing factory in 2018 jointly with our local partner in Dalian, China. Applying the high level of technology and knowledge from Japan, we ventured to create high value added products to capture the ever-growing demand for beef that is expected in the Chinese market in the future. We will also roll out similar initiatives in Asia's growing markets.

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