Motor Vehicles & Aerospace

The Motor Vehicles & Aerospace Division operates in a variety of business areas related to passenger and cargo vehicles, including automobiles, motorcycles, construction and agricultural equipment, aircraft, and satellites.

In these areas, based on the supply chains we have built, we are leveraging our bases of operations and logistics networks around the world to expand our businesses globally. Furthermore, while seizing on changes in rapidly developing technologies and markets, we are developing new businesses that will be future cornerstones with the aim of creating new value.

Ryoichi Kidokoro
Senior Executive Officer
Chief Officer, Motor Vehicles & Aerospace Division


Group Companies

Motor Vehicles & Aerospace


Kanematsu Aerospace Corp. Sales of aircraft, defense and aerospace-related products
Kaneyo Co., Ltd. Sales of bedding, fiber raw materials for industrial materials, and synthetic fiber raw materials
Datatec Co., Ltd. Development and sales of network services for vehicle operation management, driving safety analysis, etc. ; Development and sales of vehicle measuring instruments


KG Aircraft Rotables Co., Ltd Replacement and maintenance of aircraft rotable components; Leasing; Sales


Aries Motor Ltd. Sales and maintenance of automobiles
Aries Power Equipment Ltd. Sales of engines, generators, lawnmowers, and other general-purpose machinery


Kanematsu Ventures Inc. Investment in VC funds; Seeking out advanced technologies; Growth support for startups

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