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Wind power generation business in the Philippines

 In 2014, Giramasu Island east of the central Philippines, a total area of ​​approximately 100㎢ in San Lorenzo, 54MW wind power plant of the wind turbine 27 has started a power transmission. This San Lorenzo power plant, Kanematsu was involved in the construction as EPC contractor.

Along with the power generated by the plant will supplement the power demand of Giramasu Island, through the Giramasu submarine cable that Kanematsu has been laid, as well, such as in Cebu Island is a tourist destination has a power transmission.
Kanematsu, positioning and key areas in the renewable energy business and renewable energy power generation, is still aggressively expanding to go policy. Also through a commitment to renewable energy and environment business future, we will continue to contribute to the long-term preservation of the global environment.

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