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Housing Materials
/CCTV Systems(KSU)

Continually striving to build on and improve the technology we use, we provide safety and security to society through our three core businesses: Geo-tech, Wood & Housing Materials, and CCTV Systems. Our company name, Sustech, expresses our management philosophy and mission to “Support our society with technology.” Although we work “behind the scenes,” we continually challenge ourselves in new ways to build safety and security for all.

Business Features

Geo-tech Division

The Division offers surveys for ground improvement, foundation reinforcement designs based on surveys, and foundation reinforcement engineering based on designs. It has developed its unique foundation reinforcement technology, “Eco Wood Pile Method,” which uses wood piles and thereby contributes to SDGs.

Wood & Housing Materials Division

The Division sells a wide range of products such as railway sleepers, to materials such as for construction like pillars and foundations to exterior materials, for example deck materials. It also provides supports in designing wooden structures, contracts for wood preservation treatment, and the sale of preservation treatment devices and wood preservative chemicals.

Video Monitoring Systems for Crime/Disaster Prevention

KSU deals in analog, AHD, and network camera systems for monitoring and security cameras as a preparation for crime/disaster prevention, as well as providing systems to watch out for the safety of human life.

Main products and services

Geo-tech Division

The most important thing when you build a house is knowing the condition of your site. Geo-tech Division can offer you an on-site survey and evaluate the various data points, and then we will suggest to you the best method of improving your land.

Wood & Housing Materials Division

We are involved in researching and developing preservative chemicals as well as the manufacturing of wood products which have undergone our technologically advanced wood preservation treatment.

CCTV Systems Division

KSU provides surveillance systems with high-quality video.
For clear recordings, the infrared irradiation function can be used for filming at night or in dark warehouses, while the backlight correction function can be used for filming in backlit locations.
Combined with recording devices and monitors, we provide tailored security environments.

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