Steel, Materials & Plant

Plant & Ships

In the plant business, we are pursuing project-forming businesses, full-package petrochemical plants that span raw material procurement to product sales, and the renewable energy-related businesses while focusing on direct marketing-related businesses and on our business and geographic areas of expertise.
In the ships business, we are focusing on markets in which we can effectively demonstrate the Company's value, such as shipbuilding, used ship trading, and equipment package deals, including ship design.

Main products and services


  • Chemical and petrochemical plants
  • Industrial plants(papermaking plants, auto-manufacturing plants and other plants)
  • Utility systems
  • Process systems
  • Infrastructure facilities
  • Environmental facilities

Cargo Vessels

  • Shipbuilding
  • Used ships
  • Equipment package deals for new ships (including ship design, engineering)

Electric Power Projects

  • Electric power projects
  • Power generation plants (including design, engineering, installation)


  • ODA projects (medicine/pharmaceuticals, health care, broadcasting and communications, power generation, environment, infrastructure, water supply, education)
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