As Asia's leading company for roughage, considered essential to the dairy farming industry, Kanematsu handles approximately 400,000 tons of a wide range of products every year, both domestically and internationally. Amidst forecasts of an increase in global demand for dairy products, and in order to secure a stable supply of hay, we invested in SAGE HILL NORTHWEST, INC., a company with two hay production facilities in the West Coast states of Washington in the U.S. This allows us to export high quality hay to Asian countries, including Japan and China, and also the Middle East . SAGE HILL was founded in 1982 and is a pioneer in the U.S. hay production industry. The company coordinates with large hay farmers in the area, and has achieved steady growth, increasing its volume of exports over 15 times since its founding. Kanematsu has worked together with SAGE HILL since it was founded to provide a steady supply to Japan's dairy farming industry, a consumer of high-quality hay, while also conducting marketing and sales promotion activities around the world.