Corporate Profile

Kanematsu Group

Principal Subsidiaries and Affiliates

Electronics & Devices

Kanematsu Electronics Ltd. Design/Construction of information system, management services, system consulting
IT system product, sales of software, rent/leasing, maintenance, development/manufacturing
Nippon Office System Ltd. Sale of personal computers, software, associated peripheral equipment, and network system of mainly under IBM brand
System integration service from planning and proposal of information system, to requirements definition, development/construction, and management
Kanematsu Communications Ltd.
Sale of mobile communication devices and associated devices
ASP service related to mobile phones
Kanematsu Granks, Corp
Planning, construction, and management of websites. Planning, production, and sales of content
Sales representative of internet ads
Planning/development of social games
Kanematsu Sustech Corporation Manufacture and sales of home-construction materials; Ground inspection services and improvement works; Sales of security systems
Kanematsu Futuretech Solutions Corporation

-Import and Export/Storage/Sales of Semiconductors, Electronic Components, Modules, and Finished products
-Providing Electronics Manufacturing Mervices, OEM/ODM services and total Solutions
-Marketing/Development/Designing/Production of IoT related devices/products

Kanematsu PWS Ltd. Development, Design, Manufacture, Sales and Maintenance service of Semiconductor, LCD manufacture and Testing Equipment,Sales and Marketing of Subsystem and Spare parts
Kanematsu Advanced Materials Corp. Import, export, storage, sales, processing and other operations in relation to materials and components for automotive equipment, electronic devices and communication equipment.
G-Printec Inc. Development of Card printer and related device, Manufacturing, Sales
Kanekoh Denshi (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Design and manufactore of Protection circuit board module for battery pack

Foods, Meet & Grain

Kanematsu Shintoa Foods Corp. Food wholesaling and cold strage
Kanematsu Soytech Corp Sales of soybean, pulses & peas and grain, and development and marketing of products for food processors such as tofu
Kanematsu Agritec Co., Ltd. Manufacture and sales of feed and fertilizer
GPC Holdings Co., Ltd. Sales of pet food and other products
North Pet Co., Ltd. Manufacture of pet snacks (jerky, dried meat, biscuits)
KAI Enterprises, Inc. Sales of hay and roughage
KG Agri Products, Inc. Seed development, contract farming, sorting, processing and sales of food so
PT. Kanemory Food Service Manufacture of processed foods; Management of central kitchen
Dalian Runsong Biological Feed Co., Ltd. Manufacture and sales of feedstuff (puffed soybeans, soybean meal)
Ks' Meat Solution Co., Ltd. Primary processing of meat in Japan

Steel, Materials & Plant


Kanematsu Trading Corp. Sales and the export and import of various types of steel, civil engineering/construction materials, raw materials for steel, steel products, and specialty steel
Kyowa steel Co., Ltd Cutting and processing of steel seat and sales of construction materials
EiwaMetal Co., Ltd. Cutting and processing of steel sheet and sales of construction materials
Kenkosya Co., Ltd. Construction, design, manufacturing, installation, and sales of steel joinery


Kanematsu Petroleum Corp. Integrated energy sales company
Kanematsu Yuso Co., Ltd. Delivery and storage of petroleum products
Kanematsu Chemicals Corp. Sales of chemical products in general, pharmaceutical products/intermediates, and functional food materials
Kanematsu Wellness Corp. Production and sale of health foods and provision of medical information


Kanematsu KGK Corp. Machine tools, industrial machinery,
KGK Engineering Corp. Repair and sales of machine tools; Sales of paper-manufacturing machinery
Watachukikai Corp. Wholesale of cutting tools and peripheral and auxiliary tools

Motor Vehicles & Aerospace

Kanematsu Aerospace Corp. Sales of aircraft, defense and aerospace-related products
Kaneyo Co., Ltd. Sales of bedding, fiber raw materials for industrial materials, and synthetic fiber raw materials
KG Aircraft Rotables Co., Ltd Replacement and maintenance of aircraft rotable components, leasing
Aries Motor Ltd. Dealer of Honda automobiles in Warsaw, Poland
Aries Power Equipment Ltd. Importor & Distributor of Power Products in Poland and Baltic countries
Kanematsu Ventures Inc. Investment in VC funds; Seeking out advanced technologies; Growth support for startups


Hokushin Co., Ltd. Manufacture and sales of medium-density fiberboard
Shintoa Corp.

Trading in various fields, including pet food and products, feed additives, beverages for vending machine, steel products, resin products, and aircraft and marine engines

Kanematsu Logistics & Insurance Ltd. Insurance agency and forwarding business, consigned freight forwarding business
Japan Logistics Co., Ltd. Warehouse and self-storage operation
PT. Dunia Express Transindo Total logistics services

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